The Malaysian Indian Muslim Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MIMCOIN) is a non-profit organisation that was established in year 2012. MIMCOIN’s objective is to create a platform for the Indian Muslim community to attract, interact, share, retain and engage in business areas, leadership skills and information sharing with one another throughout Malaysia.

Our Vision

To serve as a consolidating and co-operative body, speaking as one voice, in order to develop and strengthen the position of the Malaysian Indian community, while also promoting ethical and positive business and trade practices amongst the community and with all others at large.

Our Mission

To promote, support, educate and develop the local SME businesses and industry, in order to contribute and support the economy, government initiatives and achieving business excellence amongst local entrepreneurs.

Establishment Goals

To unite the Malaysian Indian

To unite the Malaysian Indian Muslim community, not only in business, but also on a social level.

To serve as representatives

To serve as representatives of the Malaysian Indian Muslim entrepreneurs in discussions with government agencies, statutory bodies and other agencies.

To promote and educate

To promote and educate members on Islamic business practices and ethical values.

To plan business visits

To plan business visits and organise trade shows both locally & internationally showcasing Malaysian Indian Muslim entrepreneurs

To organize trainings

To organize trainings and development programmes for the benefit of all MIMCOIN members

To set up a foundation

To set up a foundation for education and training for Malaysian Indian Muslims in the field of business and entrepreneurship

To serve as advisor

To serve as advisor to members regarding legal requirements in the areas of commerce & industry

To publish scheduled newsletters

To publish scheduled newsletters or magazine articles related to entrepreneurial trade and government policies

To serve as arbitrators

To serve as arbitrators in helping resolve trade disputes

To construct buildings

To construct buildings on land belonging to MIMCOIN for organization usage.

To borrow or find financial resources

To borrow or find financial resources for the organization with the manner and conditions deemed appropriate by the Supreme Council of MIMCOIN

To form relationships

To form relationships and partnerships with organisations having similar objectives and goals