The SME Congress & Golden Dinar Awards 2017 is organised by the Malaysian Indian Muslim Chamber of Commerce & Industry (MIMCOIN) to honour the achievements made by various prominent business leaders in Malaysia. All award winners will be carefully selected by experienced and highly qualified panel of judges. The awards serve as a mark of recognition towards the achievements attained by the entrepreneur/business leaders. Each award recipient’s success story will serve as an inspiration and encouragement among their peers and the business community as a whole. This event also aims to honour the great contributions made by these business leaders towards the economic development of the country.

 Recognising the need to form a culture of interaction between the leading members of Malaysia’s business community, this event was created exclusively for members of business leaders as MIMCOIN realises the opportunity to leverage on each business leaders powerful leadership abilities, knowledge and energy to strengthen Malaysia’s economic status and possibly provide resources and prospects for others who may need assistance in building and developing their own business.

 The judging process for SME Congress and Golden Dinar Awards 2017 is robust. It is driven by extensive research to identify worthy nominees who have shown outstanding entrepreneurial and corporate behaviour i.e. delivered immense value to its customers, shareholders and whose impact have benefited the society in the course of the year. Winners will be honoured at the Award Gala dinner, a night of fun relaxation, networking and rejuvenation.


(i) Shortlisting of Nominees

Nominee for each award category is shortlisted after intense research and verification of facts and figures. Eventual nominees must be seen to have shown outstanding performance in shareholders’ value delivery, customer satisfaction, landmark achievement during the year and unwavering commitment to sustain ability, global best practices and corporate governance.

 (ii)Assessment and Scoring

After the initial shortlist, each nominee will be assessed and scored by a panel of expert judges and consultants.

 (iii) Judging and Selection of Winners

The judging panel comprising of 10 business professionals selected past winners of the award and consultants will decide who the country’s most outstanding organisations and entrepreneurs are for each category.